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this is very short and i have no idea about the word count bc i wrote it in notepad for some god-awful reason

gerita, starring ludwig seriously frickin ticklish beilschmidt

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Feliciano, spacing out as usual and only kept from wandering astray by Ludwig’s firm hand around his, let his eyes wander lazily across Ludwig’s body. Does even Ludwig, he wondered, laugh when he’s tickled?

Feliciano decided to test this theory. He released Ludwig’s hand, falling back just a bit and making to go behind Ludwig and stand at his other side. Ludwig seemed to guess this, as he shifted the groceries to his other hand and held out his now-free one for Feliciano to grab.

Feliciano made no move to take it. Rather, he stopped short, pressing in close to Ludwig’s back, which caused him to noticeably stiffen. With lithe artist’s hands he reached up to press his fingers into Ludwig’s ribs.

Ludwig Beilschmidt, usually cool and collected, made a small ‘yip’-like noise and hunched over on himself protectively as soon as Feliciano Vargas’ fingertips brushed his abdomen. 

Feliciano, amused by this, attacked his lover once more with agile hands.

And he giggled.

Ah - Oh god! Haha- Feli! Feli, stop, we’re in publi- ah!" His laughter was uncontrollable and booming, drawing the amused attention of passers-by as Feliciano pressed his cheek to his back and assaulted his sides mercilessly.

Feliciano was forced to jump back a bit when Ludwig dropped the groceries, but came back twice as viciously as he went for Ludwig’s neck and under-arms as well as his ribs. Ludwig laughed helplessly, unable to even tell Feliciano stop beside yelped and only half-coherent demands for Feliciano to stop right this instant.

People were beginning to form a crowd, pulling out phones and laughing amongst themselves. Neither of the spectacle-bringers themselves seemed to notice; too lost in their own little bubble of a world to know or care.

"Ple-e-ease!” Ludwig choked out, spasming with the force of his laughter. “Oh, god, have mercy-!

Feliciano never had mercy.

Ludwig was forced to his knees, eyes squeezing shut as his arms reached desperately for Feliciano’s hands in an attempt to remove them. Now with an infinite upper-hand, Feliciano put in another round of attacks which nearly drove Ludwig to madness. 

And then he stopped.

Ludwig immediately took the opportunity given to him, pulling up to his feet shakily and spinning around with his hands up. “I surrender!”

Feliciano, feeling rather proud of himself and most definitely not trying to hide it, rested his hands on his hips and stared up at Ludwig victoriously. “Okay! Good! Now get the groceries!”

Ludwig grinned, giving a rushed salute and a hurried ‘ Yes, Captain ' before reclaiming the groceries from the sidewalk. A number of people in the crowd whooped and cheered for Feliciano's victory, and Feliciano smiled and waved back at them before placing his hand on his lover's upper-arm, guiding him towards home.

If that was nothing else, it was fun. But it was something else, too.

The most  excellent  blackmail material Feliciano had ever come across.

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